legia #glasgow #warszawa.



  1. If only the polish had that fight and desire during the war when fighting the germans they got shot in the arse then they let the Russians come and run the gaff for 40 years then eventually the Russians got fed up fucked off so the polish could eventually show there fight and desire but decided to fuck off and abandoned their country and heritage so everybody who watches this remember it's a demonstration of frustration that they are nation of of shitbags that abandon their country for almost a century

  2. Totally backfired …lol…..
    As the famous Glasgow Rangers fans only got their backs up …and then retaliated with non stop singing for the team ….and also …the cry was NO SURRENDER ….which got the team and the crowd going …..and the Polish had no reply ….then Morelos scores the wining goal …..HAHAHA……WATP x


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