C1: Red Star Belgrade Crvena Zvezda – Olympiakos Gate 7 fans and delije cortege and tifo friendship #CZVOLY.



  1. No kidding, there is not brotherhood like ours in Europe!who of the ultras in Europe doesn't feel jealous of that relationship? Οι κομπλεξικοί μην απαντήσετε…γιατι ξέρω ότι γουστάρετε με αυτή την αρρωστια

  2. Όλος ο βορράς, τώρα κοιτάζοντας προς τα εμπρός,

    Κόκκινο και λευκό, ας επιτεθούμε μαζί,

    Από το Βορρά, αφήστε όλους να τραγουδήσουν,

    αφήστε το κεραυνό ισχυρό, Star Πρωταθλητής!

  3. Gate 7 i Delije najjaci smo breee nema boljih navijaca na Balkanu. Ostali su mali i ne slozni. Delije uvek navijaju slozno i hodaju zajedno. Gate 7 and Delije are the strongest there are no better fans in the Balkans. The others are small and not complex. Delije always cheerfully agree and walk together.

  4. This is football and im proud my colors are red and white. I only wish the tickets werent 100e which is how much an average man makes in 2 weeks in Serbia. Stadium was pretty empty for our standards


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