Derek ‚Diablo‘ Alvarez wants to transplant British hooligan football violence into America. After being enraptured by grainy 80s videos of football gangs beating …



  1. so what tis guy lives as a British football hooligan is that any more crazy then someone that wakes up one day and says I'm a woman in a mans body or vise versa I honestly don't think so

  2. this has got to be a joke, and the vice reporter is the biggest joke of them all…with his erroneous stats about the growth of the game to his downplaying the lack of violence at a game. Are you serious?! as if America is not already too violent. I think America would love to have your "hard" hooligan problem any day than America's gang problem.

  3. As an Irishman who have seen hooligans in action in Ireland at times,and England regularly I find this bloke either the best web spoof of all time,or someone who needs a psychiatric evaluation YESTERDAY-the English phrases and the half assed irish accentuations are like something out of MOnty Python on TUINOL.


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